Monday, October 03, 2005

Karl Marx

Karl Marx
That Repulsive Little Man with Those Repulsive Little Ideas

Karl Marx was convinced that he could predict history and that 'history' was on the side of Marxism. One of Marx's disciples, Premier Nikita Khurshchev of the Soviet Union, on a visit to the United States in the 1950's predicted that by 1965 the grateful communist workers of New York City would erect a statue honoring Marx in Central Park.

OOPS! Looks like Premier Khrushchev was wrong with that little particular bit of socialist clairvoyence, despite what are probably the fondest secret wishes of both the editorial writers at The New York Times and Michael Moore.

First of all, lets take a look at the life of Karl Marx. Despite a good education, Marx refused to take up gainful employment, but frittered away his time, talents and resources studying and writing his sick "philosophy." All the while,
he and his family lived in grinding proverty. Marx only survived by sponging money off of his friends and associates. One version of Marx's story has it that one or more of his young children died because Marx did not have the money to pay for medicine that would have possibly saved their lives. If this story is true, then Marx's own dead children were his first victims.(Stay tuned, millions and millions of innocent victims were to follow Marx's children in the 20th Century.) What type of repulsive and irresponsible monster is it that lets his own children die without doing everything possible to save their lives?

A contemporary of Marx, John D. Rockefeller of Standard Oil fame, once observed that the ability to make money was a 'talent' that some men had while others didn't. As one of America's most successful enterperters of the 19th Century, Rockefeller certainly knew what he was talking about.

It is ludricrious to believe that a personal economic failure, a "no talent" financial boob like Karl Marx, (a man that could barely feed his own family and lived in abject poverty nearly all of his life) could design a philosophy and economic system that would be successful on a national and international scale! Therefore, it is not suprising that in every nation that has had "Marxist" or "communist" dictatorships imposed on it by murdering revolutionaries; that same nation has also had national economies that were all stark failures.

Under Marxism, economic failure is "built in" to the philosophy because when Marxist revolutionaries sieze power in a nation, the creative and economically successful enterperteur class in that country is immediately attacked and destoryed as "enemies of the people.". The successful and hardest working enterpertual citizens are replaced in positions of economic power by dull witted party hacks and staid, bumbling bureacrats. Just one example of the many, many failures of Marxism: in the present day Cuba, toliet paper and tooth brushes are considered to be "luxury" items. Marx, if he were alive today, would feel "right at home" living in Cuban misery, poverty and squalor.

The 20th Century will forever be known as the "Century of the Gangster Politician," despite whatever "ism" they were spouting for propaganda purposes. The list fo gangsters just goes on and on. Lenin in the early days of the Soviet Union, Mussolini in Fascist Italy, Mao in China, Fidel Castro in Cuba, Amin in Uganda, Salddam Hussein in Iraq to name but a few. Adolph Hitler and his Nazi party retained their iron grip on power in Germany until 1945 only by the mass murder of political opponents. Stalin, the greatest of all gangster "Marxist Revolutionaries," started his "revolutionary" career as a bank robber and moved into and remained in the circles of leadership in Soviet Russia only by mass terror and mass murder.

Marxist "philosophy" does give blood thirsty revolutionaries a ready made propaganda tool to be used to lie and murder their way into power. Whether or not Marxist revolutionaries actually believe what they are preaching is another matter entirely. Mao, the communist revolutionary in China, cut to the chase and candidly observed that "Power comes from the barrel of a gun."

Marxist revolutionaries and leaders are not in the least hesitant to use mass terror and mass murder to gain and/or retain their hold on power.As far as Marxist are concerned, "Human Rights" just don't exist. Directly or indirectly the Marxist "philosophy" of that repulsive little man from Germany is responsible for somewhere around the deaths of 100 million human beings on this planet during the 20th Century. That single fact alone is enough to condemn Karl Marx , Marxist and Marxism for all times.

At least Marx, (in a way he didn't plan) had one of his predictions come true at the end of the 20th Century. Marx predicted that eventually the communist state would "wither away." That is exactly what happened in the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe. Captive populations got tired of living in grinding poverty and state sponsored terror in Marxist police states. They overthrew their own Marxist governments.

In closing, I will admit that there is one thing about Marxism and modern American Marxist 'intellectuals.' that is truly puzzling to me.
How can those high minded and brilliant American Marxist intellectuals continue to live in this rotten, decadent, worker exploiting, capitalist society that exist in the United States today? Especially, since that wonderful, ideologically pure, tropical "Workers Paradise" of Marxist Cuba is only 90 miles away from our shores?

It seems to me that those American Marxist intellectuals should be relocating pernamently to Cuba to preserve their "intellectual honesty and integrity," To those American Marxists, I would say (to paraphrase Delta Airline's old slogan): The [Cuban] Gulag is Ready When You Are!

Brannen M. Sanders
Denhamville, Georgia


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